Then and Now

New Orleans is not the kind of city you can visit without falling in love with it. It’s the type of city where beauty and ruination can exist side by side and somehow perfectly color the entire portrait of what the city is. Whenever I go, I am always struck by the architecture, the warmness … Continue reading Then and Now


I've always felt that resentment and mistrust were fairly related. More often than not, one is not present at the absence of another. More than resentment, I've always dealt with mistrust. I could, if I wasn't feeling lazy, chronicle the issues stemming from my childhood that have caused me to be so distrustful of people, … Continue reading Resentment


I think I'm progressing nicely through all the phases of grieving; we've done denial, anger, bargaining, and now we're right in the middle of sadness. And by sadness of course, I mean anger. Again. Consider this "Anger: the Remix" with a brand new chorus of "oh, FUCK this shit." I'll try to navigate this as … Continue reading Rehab


It's 8:51 and I'm pacing my floor. Psuedo is on his way to town. Actually, he's probably already IN town. And I'm all little bit anxious, you know? Okay that's bullshit. I'm nervous like a hooker taking an AIDS test. Seriously. Like my hands are trembling. Sure, since I left DC me and Psuedo (who … Continue reading Butterflies