You know how most women have that thing where, in the presence of a wedding they are all breathless, and excited, mentally photo shopping their head on the bride’s body and inwardly changing all the things about the planning/rehearsal/wedding/reception they would do differently? Or maybe glancing at their date wistfully, beaming them psychic signals that … Continue reading Bridesmaids


Hey everybody!*waiting*GODDAMMIT I SAID HELLO!!!!That's more like it.Hi kiddies! Sorry I just disappeared, no posting or commenting or notice or NOTHIN'. I know I said I would be better with that but... sometimes I be lyin'.I was outta town, trying to simultaneously do some grown woman things and not get alcohol poisoning because that is … Continue reading Oops


So Jam asked over at Joy's spot and, for lack of any other inspiration, I guess I will reply.Ahh, Barbie. First coined "Gangsta Bitch Barbie" by yours truly (which may or may not be the way it happened but I'm gonna claim it cuz I'm gangsta like that and know it will go unopposed.)It is … Continue reading Barbie


Aiight, so anyone who's been around my spot awhile knows that this is my least favorite time of year. I am not a holiday person. Usually, I'm pretty grumpy from around Halloween til the point where my first drink touches my lips on New Year's Eve (shout out to the guy who bought me a … Continue reading MOTHER*&$#@!