“I have been wondering all week if I should send this to you or not.”Peter Parker’s voice has stampeded into the quiet with no preamble after I answered my phone on speaker without bothering to check the caller ID. Now, I am staring at the phone from a few feet away, the pic we took … Continue reading Awkward

Stolen Moments

3 weeks ago...“How is it that we both thought things would turn out the same way, and yet they didn’t?”“It’s all the way it's supposed to be. You know that, right?”“Yes. But still...”“Still.”He looks at me, his eyelids heavy with sleep and sorrow, wiggling his mouth the way he does when he is considering something. … Continue reading Stolen Moments


If the legends are true, I have a bit of fear of commitment. Or, at least I do if you ask any of the people I HAVEN’T dated. *side eye* I could offer up the contents of this blog, the last five chronicled years of loving and losing and lusting, as evidence that this isn’t exactly the case, … Continue reading Meh.

You Make me So..

We have plans tonight.I go hard for a man who takes control, y'all.But I've already made plans with my bottom bitch to hang out and drink wine and talk shit.I can't. I have plans.Can you reschedule?You should have let me know sooner. But I'm not cancelling on my girl.I understand :-(However serendipitous though, inside the hour, … Continue reading You Make me So..

Losing my Head

I love Peter Parker's place because it is immaculate. And I don't mean that kinda immaculate that denotes him having something to hide. I mean that kinda clean that is lived and comfortable with just a slight bit of anal.You know, like mine.And it always smells good. Like the cologne he wears and the soap … Continue reading Losing my Head

Being a Big Girl

...Apartment 204.That's how Peter Parker's text ends. Before it is a long string of directions that, despite having lived here for 3 years now, I have to admit I am woefully unfamiliar with.What is this directions to?My place.Back story...Even though I am enjoying single life and all it has to offer, not all of my friends … Continue reading Being a Big Girl