Push and Pull

He caught me at a weak moment and he knows it.I am tired- weary, really- worn down by scaling mountains of work and managing my bad decisions. So when he calls me and says he's in town and coming over and cooking, I know he only does so because he knows I don't have the … Continue reading Push and Pull


The phone rings while I'm somewhere between sleeping and waking; I'm not asleep enough to sleep through the ring, but I am asleep enough to be confused by it.I reach for it blindly in the dark, mumbling a hello into my pillow. "You know what I was thinking?"His voice is so clear and so crisp he … Continue reading Back

Facts and Examples

So many people have said things this week that have influenced this week’s post. They are all shouted out within, and you should check them all out.It’s important that before you read any of this, you first go read this over at my boo SBG’s place…Skinny Bits: The Single EditionDon’t worry; I’ll be here with … Continue reading Facts and Examples

Accepted Everywhere You Wanna Be

(Day 6 of 30 in 30)“Hey, beautiful girl.”“Hey.”“Uh oh. What’s wrong?”“I didn’t get it.”“Wait- are you serious?!”“Yep.”“I can’t believe this shit.”“Me neither.”“I’m so sorry, baby.”“Me too.”“Damn. I wish I could at least give you a hug or something.”We both sigh on opposite ends on the country. But for different reasons.“Are you walking outta work?”“Yeah. On my … Continue reading Accepted Everywhere You Wanna Be


“I have been wondering all week if I should send this to you or not.”Peter Parker’s voice has stampeded into the quiet with no preamble after I answered my phone on speaker without bothering to check the caller ID. Now, I am staring at the phone from a few feet away, the pic we took … Continue reading Awkward


“I want it all. Everything. All of you. I will not accept anything less.”The Great Houdini had a way of saying things that made me understand that, despite his jovial nature, he was not kidding. And right then, in that hotel room in New Orleans, he was very serious. His voice was quiet, as we … Continue reading All