You know how most women have that thing where, in the presence of a wedding they are all breathless, and excited, mentally photo shopping their head on the bride‚Äôs body and inwardly changing all the things about the planning/rehearsal/wedding/reception they would do differently? Or maybe glancing at their date wistfully, beaming them psychic signals that … Continue reading Bridesmaids

"Watch What you Say to Me"

Try to refrain from being violent but you come out your face... * WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING*The following post comes to you in high definition ghetto. May not be suitable for CHILDREN.Lately, I've been on my zen shit right? I've been reevaluating some things, putting things in perspective, restoring order, cleaning house if you will. I've … Continue reading "Watch What you Say to Me"

Ask Dr. Phil, Not Oprah

Why is it that women ask their female friends for advice about men?And NOT their female friends who think like men, but their single, bitter ass, going through the same fucked up bullshit as you clueless friends.I don't get it.Exhibit A...I have a friend, let's call her Delta, not because she rocks crimson and cream … Continue reading Ask Dr. Phil, Not Oprah

Is Beyonce in Town?

Thus begins the first in an ongoing new series, "Things La Doesn't Understand..."Leaving work last night around 11pm, I was kinda shocked to see lots of people crowded outside my local Barnes and Nobel. As I got a little closer, I saw ropes in front of the doors. Then I realized, people had lawn chairs … Continue reading Is Beyonce in Town?