Real Love

We all know, despite my romantic ruminations and rumblings of all things love related, that I only really have one true, real, and righteous love that never fails me and for whom my feelings never wane.


Ahh… shoes. šŸ™‚
Oh how I heart thee. Let me count the ways…


Oh shoes. You never let me down. I can’t believe I ever thought I could live life without these…

And these… this wasn’t living!!!

Oh the rapture…

And I don’t even like pink…


And lest you think I spend my life running around in heels…

And last but not least, a gift for my fav AKA… if she were to ever wear anything even remotely close to sneakers…

18 thoughts on “Real Love

  1. I hate to shop…for clothes. I have way too many shoes. Shoes that I have no clothes to wear with them.Shoes are the bain of my existence…I can’t walk by a shoe store without buying a pair. This is NYC…there are shoe stores on every block…


  2. *swoon*I got an Bergdoorf Goodman email this morning with Louboutin’s new line of shoes. I almost died. Seriously.


  3. you sound old saying ur too grown for Ice Creams and foolishness haha i’ve never owned ice creams and probably never will, ya loser LOL


  4. Luv ALL of your sneaker choices and I’m not into sneakers at all. Most of all…I am in love with that second picture…the pink and brown with the peep toe…those are callin me mayne!!! I actually sat up straighter in my seat as I watched the picture scroll. Luv ’em!


  5. i’m in love…those gold ones? WOW.and maaaan my girlfriend would LOVE those pink and green ones. she’s an AKA also… she’d love them.


  6. LOL, aw, thanks, honey! You know me so well. I own one pair of sneakers – you probably remember them – for the gym. They’re orange and blue Converses.But if I were to buy another pair…


  7. @Duck hahaha. I dunno why I heart those cuz I have not one thing to go with them, but I heart them nonetheless.@Mia hahaha! You sound like me. I’m like “I will not buy any clothes or shoes or purses til I lose (insert astronomical number here).”@Southern Gal I am not much of a Bebe fan, but dammit if they aren’t stepping their shoe game up by leaps and bounds! lol@Jam yeah Aldo shoes are some uncomfortable situations. But not all of them. And they’re so pretty! I usually can’t get away from Aldo cuz they’re one of very few affordable brands that makes a super high heel.@Staceface hahahahahahahaha! Fighting for shoes is perfectly acceptable.@RJ only if you promise to tell the story of how she beat you down with something heavy.@Epsi what?!??!?! CLEAR?!?! I have never… I need them. lol@X duly noted. I am an 8, 8 1/2@Chris oh hush hater. I like what I like. I am too damn grown to be walking around in ice creams and foolishness, lol@Magnolia what?!? WHAT?!?!? WHERE?!?!? If you are talking about the shoes I think you are talking about, the shoes that I have had NO LESS than 3 dreams about since I saw the movie, I need them to live, lol@Joy did the blogoverse need you to share that little tidbit. And we’ve discussed BOB’s puma collection right? My shoe love is understood, lol


  8. That first pair makes me want to get a short dress and a whip. *thinking* all I really need is the shoes… You and your nikes. And how does BOB feel about being replaced with a heel?


  9. Sista, you’ve been on my mind….Finally someone feels my love for beautiful footwear!!!!I’ll take a number 1, 3, 4, 5, 6I know you have already peeped the Steve Madden knockoffs of the Christian Diors shoes Carrie Bradshaw rocked the entire movie?!It’s an addiction, I’m trying to get help, but they keep calling me man….


  10. the heels are hot but DAMN, you couldnt find any better sneakers than those? come on now…dont disappoint me LOLmuch love,A Sneaker Freak


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