Lies, Lies, Lies

The funny thing about lies is it creates a false sense of power, a false sense of comfort. The only truly powerful one, is the one who has the most knowledge the one that, with just a few place words, could destroy it all.

I read something tonight, and it made me shake my head because I knew it was false. I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry. Mostly because I knew it was half truths mixed with lies that needed so badly to be accepted and believed. I wanted to speak my truth. I know I have the most powerful weapon because I have more knowledge. The player that knows the game the best is usually the one that wins. But sometimes it’s not about playing your cards right. Sometimes, it’s not about playing at all. Sometimes the best player is the player that holds the hand that they know could wipe out the whole table, but folds anyway. It’s not always about winning. Sometimes it’s about folding gracefully and walking away from the table.

I am that woman.

I could tell you what I know. The girl I used to be probably would. But the woman I’m turning into just won’t let me do that.

So I fold.

Play well Babe.

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