It’s 1:07.

I am still in a high school auditorium trying to caucus in Texas.

Texas and it’s goddamn two-step will be what costs Obama this election.

I love seeing the many layers in which this country’s inherrent racism unfold.

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  1. Mystery actually I didn’t up leaving until 3am and it still wasn’t over cuz they had to choose precinct delegates. Mess.Jam it is so utterly ridiculous I can’t even believe the practice has lasted this long. Hopefully the tom foolery frm this year will encourage someone to take steps to change it.Mzwrite you have never been more right. I think that’s mostly why people stayed. Had it not been for the fact that alot of the kids needed to take that test thingie the following morning I’m sure more people would have stayed.Coco THIS is what I’m talkin’ about, lolMs. B me neither. But at least Obama still has a lead. Looking at the numbers, unless she damn near sweeps the next couple contests, she’s out anyway. These were just like putting her on life support for awhile; she’s gonna pass, it’s just prolonging it.Mr. Jones LMFAO!!!!! They would love thatDiva NO ma’am. I was there from 7pm to 3am. It was utterly absurd.Mo you have no idea


  2. Damn I thought that meant 1:07 <>PM<> until I read the first comment (<>yeah I skipped right over the part that read: Posted by La at 1:06 AM<>)…that’s just crazy!


  3. Don’t even get me started! The only reason why I didn’t get home as late as you is probably because my polling location let older folks and people with kids (they come in handy sometimes) go first. My husband stayed to help out and didn’t make it home until 1:30.That entire process was a bunch of BS! I just pray we all hang in there and regardless to if Brother Obama or Billary gets the nomination that we go out in force and vote again in November. We can’t let John McCain take the White House. This country can’t withstand 4 more years of Republican rule!


  4. the two step is the most insane process ever. and the fact that 1/3 of the delegates go to the caucus winner, the other 2/3 are split b/t primary winners. errr uhhh?!? pure and utter crazy. he does better in caucuses tho. idk why.


  5. Billary taking three states is so not the news I wanted to wake up to this morning. It’s just mind boggling that dude was ahead by considerable margins in pre-voting, yet the day of, he loses. *Keith Sweat voice* somethin’ just ain’t riiiiiight…


  6. I REFUSE to accept that you had to stay there until one o’clock in the damn morning. Well, the last caucu numbers I saw this morning had Obama ahead by a narrow margin with about 36% of the results in. What happened with the primary, though?


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